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For students who entered the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences in Fall 2009 or after

The degree requires a total of 122 credit hours including the following:


A) ENG-W 131 English Composition (3 cr.) A grade of C or better is required.
B) Critical Thinking (3 cr.) e.g., PHIL-P 105, P 110, P 150, P 250
C) Oral Communication (3 cr.) SPCH-S 121
D) Visual Literary (3 cr.) e.g., INFO-I 310, FINA-A 109, JOUR-J 210
E) Quantitative Reasoning (3 cr.) Satisfied by required Mathematics courses.
F) COAS-Q 110 Information Literacy (1 cr.) Should be taken with ENG-W 131.
G) Computer Literacy (3 cr.) Satisfied by required Computer Science courses.

COMMON CORE (12 Credits). At least one of the following must be at the 300 level.

A) The Natural World: N190 or N390 (3 cr.)
B) Human Behavior & Social Institutions: B190 or B399 (3 cr.)
C) Literary and Intellectual Traditions: T190 or T390 (3 cr.)
D) Art, Aesthetics and Creativity: A190 or A399 (3 cr.)


A) Non-Western Cultures (3 cr.), e.g., ANTH-E 105, POLS-Y 109
B) Diversity in U.S. Society (3 cr.), e.g., SOC-S 161, HIST-H105 or H106
C) Health and Wellness (2 cr.), e.g., HPER-N 220, NURS-B109 plus HPER-E 100-level

For additional approved GEN-ED courses click this link


Two semesters in a single non-English language, or equivalent (for example, three years of a single language in high school).


A) PHYS-P 303 Digital Electronics (4 cr.) Includes a laboratory component. (Required)
B) Science electives chosen from biology, chemistry, and physics. (10 cr.) (See advising sheet for approved list)

MATHEMATICS (13 Credits). A grade of C or better is required.

MATH-M 215 Calculus I (5 cr.)
MATH-M 301 Applied Linear Algebra (3 cr.)
MATH-M 260 Combinatorial Counting and Probability (3 cr.)
MATH-M 261 Statistical Inferences (2 cr.)

COMPUTER SCIENCE (44 Credits). A grade of C- or better is required. At least 22 of the 44 credits must be taken at IUSB.

CSCI-C 101 Computer Programming I (4 cr.) Prereq: MATH-A 100 or Placement Exam Level 3. Test out is available.
CSCI-C 151 Multi-user Operating Systems (2 cr.) Prereq: C101. Test out is available.
CSCI-C 201 Computer Programming II (4 cr.) Prereq: C101.
CSCI-C 243 Elementary Data Structures (4 cr.) Prereq: C151, C201, MATH-M 115 or M125.
C151 can be taken concurrently with C243.
CSCI-C 251 Foundations of Digital Computing (3 cr.) Prereq: C243, M215.
CSCI-C 308 System Analysis & Design (4 cr.) Prereq: C243.
CSCI-C 311 Organization of Programming Languages (3 cr.) Prereq: C243, C335.
CSCI-C 335 Computer Structures (4 cr.) Prereq: C201.
CSCI-C 435 Operating Systems & Computer Architecture (4 cr.) Prereq: C243, C335, and three
additional computer science courses above the level of C243.
CSCI-C 455 Analysis of Algorithms (3 cr.) Prereq: C251, MATH-M 260.

Electives: (9 cr.)
Three additional computer science courses at or above the 300 level. Possible choices for these three courses include the internship course (Y398), parallel and distributed programming (B424), database systems (C442), artificial intelligence (C463), computer networks (B438), graphics (C481), and special topics such as security, biomorphic computing, computer vision, advanced Java (C490). Numerical analysis (MATH-M 471) may be counted as an elective in computer science.

GENERAL ELECTIVES (approximately 12 Credits)


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