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Technical Reports:
    Report Number
    Michael R. Scheessele Compound Remote Associate Problems and Insight Research: A Questionable Assumption TR-20170302-1
    Adam Call Review of Database Intrusion Detection Methodologies using Attribute Dependence TR-20130606-1
    Dana Vrajitoru and William Knight On the Optimality of a Family of Binary Trees TR-20111012-1
    Tomas Perez, Raman Adaikkalavan Secure Shared Continuous Query Processing TR-20100916-1
    Dana Vrajitoru Facet Detection and Visualizing Local Structure in Graphs TR-20100901-1
    Robert Batzinger, Ulanbek Mambetakunov Using LATEX to create Russian and Kyrgyz materials for teaching physics TR-20091215-1
    Hossein Hakimzadeh, Ulanbek Mambetakunov A Closer Look at Accreditation of Computing and Engineering Programs in Kyrgyzstan TR-20091215-2
    Dana Vrajitoru and Charles Guse The Three-Headed Monster: An Evolutionary Program TR-20081217-1
    Ibrahim Chaaban Applying Domain Knowledge to the Recognition of Handwritten ZIP Codes TR-20080811-1
    Ibrahim Chaaban, Michael R. Scheessele Human Performance in Recognition of Handwritten ZIP Codes from the CEDAR Database TR-20080805-1
    Rupley, Michael, Jr. Introduction to Query Processing and Optimization TR-20080105-1
    Gordon, Susan Database Integrity: Security, Reliability, and Performance Considerations TR-20071226-1
    Hakimzadeh, Hossein MINI-DB: A Pedagogical tool for Teaching Advanced Database Systems TR-20071222-2
    N. Rampersad, B. Ravikumar, N. Santean, J. Shallit A Study on Unique Rational Operations TR-20071222-1
    Ibrahim Chaaban, Michael R. Scheessele Human Performance on the USPS Database TR-20070619-1
    Hossein Hakimzadeh, Benjamin Kress, Joshua Ostrom, Jason DeBoni, Chris Beelby, Timothy Eash IU-EVAL - Implementing an Open-Source Electronic Course Evaluation System TR-20051114-1
    Haroun Rababaah Distributed Databases Fundamentals and Research TR-20050525-1
    Dana Vrajitoru Simulating Gender Separation and Mating Constraints for Genetic Algorithms. Indiana University South Bend, Computer and Information Sciences Department, Technical Report . TR-20050520-1
    Feng, Yujing A CAD based Computer-Aided Tolerancing Model for the Machining Process TR-20040521-1
    Vrajitoru, Dana Consistent Graph Layout for Weighted Graphs by a Force-Based Probabilistic Algorithm TR-20040305-1
    Scheessele, Mike, and Pizlo, Zygmunt An Exponential Pyramid-Based Model of Contour Classification in Figure-Ground Segregation TR-20031222-1
    Hakimzadeh, Hossein Intranets TR-19980224-1
    Martin, Ioana Multiresolution Contrast Enhancement Using the Wavelet Transform TR-19970827-1
    Tenenberg, Josh D. Virtual Machines and Program Comprehension TR-19960605-1
    Hoade, Sean A. Investigating Genetic Algorithms TR-19950908-5
    Gordon, Sarah Concepts, Issues and Resources: Structuring Ethical Curricula in the Information Age TR-19950908-4
    Saylor, Douglas Designing a Robot under severe Cost Constraints TR-19950908-3
    Wade, Derek Investigating a Back-Error Propagation Artifical Neural Network TR-19950908-2
    Wade, Derek Artifical Neural Network, Some Theory and Operation TR-19950908-1
    Wright, Timothy E. Designing a Hypertext System: An Object Oriented Approach TR-19940415-1
    Keener, Lee L. Minimizing Page Faults: An Open Problem TR-19920728-1
    Keener, Lee L. NP-Hard Problems for Neural Nets TR-19900609-4
    Keener, Lee L. The information Capacity of a Formal Neuron TR-19900609-3
    Keener, Lee L. Some Mathematical Aspects of Relative Dating by Seriation TR-19900609-2
    Keener, Lee L. A New Proof that Graph K-colorability is NP-complete TR-19900609-1


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