November 7-8, 2003

Just before I left,

receiving instructions from Hossein to be ready for my role in this event - embarrassing everyone by taking lots of pictures.

First thing was the practice contest, featuring the IUSB Platonics

including Tim,



and their coach.

Follow the IUSB Titaniums,

including Jacob playing his favorite stunt on Jason, and Chuck.

Later that evening we went sight-seeing Ashland by night, meaning to a bar. Tim made us listen to We Are the Champions from Queen to get everybody in the mood for the next day.

Russ doesn't seem convinced.

Jacob got high on Diet Coke,

Jeff demoed some ESP skills by guessing my choice of car mark and model,

and then Tim (again) confessed he'd been in high school with the Pope who by the same still owed him $20.

And this is Chuck who had all things under control, especially directions.

Finally, we learned that anybody could pronounce my name correctly; all it takes is the right amount of beer (or diet coke).

The IBM surprise gadget - a popping Frisbee - had a certain success with two of our contestants

who saw a connection with some ninja ultimate something which I kinda failed to grasp the full depth of. It involved taking your opponent by surprise and high pitched sounds. This was taken Saturday while waiting for breakfast.

No pictures were allowed during the real competition which took 5h with the results you already know. All of us, after the competition, with the all-present Ashland Eagle (to the left of Tim).

And noooo, we were not cold. Again, trying to smile.

The last event was the banquet, where the Titaniums, having finished second for the Ashland site, were called on stage

and received some trophy from the sponsor in the form of a coffee mug. Or a coffee mug in the form of a trophy. Anyway, they are big and shiny and you can even see them from up close here:
Jacob - also known as the Perfect Kodak Smile Ninja,


and Jason.

That's all folks!